Over the years, LCHA has worked on a number of supportive housing communities and has worked with social services, municipalities, and law enforcement to address the needs of residents and the surrounding communities.  They have had transparency throughout the Midlothian Manor project:

  • Midlothian Manor was on the LCHA board agenda
  • The RFP was publicly advertised for agency partner for 21 days (6/23/14 – 7/14/14) twice per week
  • Public posting for rehab work (8/25/14 – 9/4/14) done twice per week
  • Contractor pulled all permits for the work related to the project
  • Held an Early Assistance meeting with Lake County Planning, Building and Development Department, Lake Zurich Fire Department, and Department of Transportation about Zoning/Permitting
  • Had conversations with neighbors, elected officials, and a number of news outlets about the proposed project
  • Public form was in the planning (was not held, litigation began)