How Can I Help?

Please CONTACT us if you would like to volunteer! 

  • Welcoming Committee for the future residents:
    • Team 1: Welcome signs
    • Team 2: Welcome Cookout/BBQ
    • Team 3: “Rename Midlothian Manor” contest
  • Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities
    • Bring homemade meals/desserts
    • Offer your haircut services
    • Other?



“Caring for others and caring for ourselves is so important.  Compassion is what makes this life worthwhile.  Knowing that by helping others and taking a personal interest in others, is your fuel, to know what it truly important in life.  We came here alone and we will leave alone, but along the way we interact with others.  We meander along the path of life together.  So to do that the right way, we need to walk side by side, caring for them, taking interest in them.  Walk together on this cooperative journey of life, to bring joy to everyone’s existence.  So take care, In taking care of others we take care of ourselves.”

Posted with permission for image by Lisa NomikosGathering Visions and words by Lisa Gniady, YogaGong4Life, copyright 2017.