PADS Permanent Supportive Housing

The Supportive Housing program was originally launched in 2006 following the “safe haven” model of housing.  Developed in response to the rising gap in services for individuals with mental illness and the high barriers to housing with other programs, the Supportive Housing program followed a housing first model, designed to get people into housing and out of homelessness as quickly and as appropriately as possible.

Unlike shelters, the Supportive Housing program is a permanent residence for individuals.  It operates 24/7 and is staffed by a clinical professionals including an Advanced Practice Nurse, among others. Previously located at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, the Supportive Housing program is now located in individual apartments and is considered service as a permanent supportive housing program.

Flexibility and highly individualized treatment is at the foundation of the program, with the team focusing on the early stages of treatment: engagement, persuasion, and motivation building with the goal of moving clients to actively engage in traditional treatment and abstinence-oriented behaviors. PADS has been able to move some clients to other permanent living situations. However, success of the program is really measured by our ability to provide the security of housing to the community’s most vulnerable.

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